Baahubali scan

Baahubali Scanning

SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali made full use of Makuta’s 3D scanning facilities, though our proprietary point cloud scanning and image capture photogrammetry to capture fine facial and prop details, through to utilising our in-house Faro Focus LiDAR scanner to capture the principal sets of the city centre, Kings Court, War environments and large-scale war machines and even the waterfall and corresponding rock set extensions in Kerala! The full range of props for the war sequence was scanned along with characters for digital doubles with facial expressions. Background artists were also scanned for city population, giving hundreds of different iterations to generate a realistic crowd. To cap it all, our in-house motion capture system was applied to background crowd characters for realistic animation resulting in numerous variations for character performance, filling the environment with dancers, soldiers, general populace and royalty.