Previz, Supervision & Logging

As the principal VFX studio for Baahubali, Makuta’s own supervisors assisted not throughout the episodes in which we produced the shots, but also supported with pre-visualisation of other integral episodes and produced live 3D virtualisation of the digital sets so that the director and DP could see at-a-glance the digital extensions as to assist in composition of the frame. More


Designing a Waterfall

For well over a year, Makuta’s artists worked tirelessly designing and building digital extensions for an integral episode and action montage within baahubali, revolving around a larger-than-life waterfall over 1.5Km high. More

Baahubali scan

Baahubali Scanning

SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali made full use of Makuta’s 3D scanning facilities, though our proprietary point cloud scanning and image capture photogrammetry to capture fine facial and prop details, More

Lider Scanning for Blog

Purchase of Faro LiDAR Scanner and Scanning Service Offered

Makuta is proud to announce that we have recently completed the purchase of the FARO Focus 3D SC-120 – one of the most effective and efficient LiDAR scanners available. This exceptional device is geared to drive Makuta’s on-set supervision to the next level with respect to accuracy down to 2mm over 120m radius and to greatly expand on Makuta’s award-winning VFX and set extension work, plus to assist in our advanced 3D motion tracking. More


Makuta Completes Successful Third Year

Hyderabad, India, April 14, 2013

Makuta is proud to announce that we have now been successfully running for three whole years!

From the original three founders to now employing over 50 internationally recognised artists we have expanded exponentially but have never lost sight of the core goals which we set from the initial inception – to raise the game of visual effects within the local and national industries. More


Raja Koduri joins Makuta as Chief Technical Advisor

Hyderabad, India, March 19, 2013

Makuta is pleased to announce that Raja Koduri is appointed as Chief Technical Advisor to Makuta’s board of directors. Raja most recently served as Director of Graphics Architecture at Apple Inc and as Chief Technology Office(CTO) for Graphics at AMD Inc prior to that.

“Raja is amongst the top architects in real-time computer graphics world today and we are very excited to have him advise our board. We anticipate that he will bring exciting technological advances for Makuta and help move the state of art in Indian VFX industry forward” said Dasaradha Gude, Chairman Board of Directors, Makuta Inc More


Makuta Wins the National Award for Best Special Effects

Makuta has bagged the National Award for Best Special Effects for SS Rajamouli’s Eega (which coincidentally also received the award for Best Telugu Film). We are absolutely thrilled with this award and the recognition it entails.

For over 18 months Makuta and its suppliers contributed over 2200 visual effects shots to make this one of the largest Visual Effects features in national and international history. More