Designing a Waterfall

For well over a year, Makuta’s artists worked tirelessly designing and building digital extensions for an integral episode and action montage within baahubali, revolving around a larger-than-life waterfall over 1.5Km high. Utilising a combination of computational fluid dynamics, particle systems and old-school volumes to generate the intricacies of such a huge scene, each shot was designed, built and simulated on a shot by shot to give the director full control over the composition of the montage. Often the real-world doesn’t deliver (or is unsafe) so the majority of the water shots in the opening episode were needed to be completely replaced with digital water and augmented environments. Some scenes were built totally digitally, such as the lovingly titled “Tarzan” and “Rope Hang” episodes, culminating in custom sculpted digital environments populated with thousands of plants and foliage.