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Purchase of Faro LiDAR Scanner and Scanning Service Offered

Makuta is proud to announce that we have recently completed the purchase of the FARO Focus 3D SC-120 – one of the most effective and efficient LiDAR scanners available. This exceptional device is geared to drive Makuta’s on-set supervision to the next level with respect to accuracy down to 2mm over 120m radius and to greatly expand on Makuta’s award-winning VFX and set extension work, plus to assist in our advanced 3D motion tracking.It also showcases and proves Makuta’s continued drive for excellence and our commitment to push the boundaries with respect to quality and attention to detail with all of our works.

Makuta is also proud to announce that we will be offering this product for “Wet Hire” (device and technician) for on-site scanning from mid-June 2013, coined MakutaLiDAR.

Please see our MakutaLiDAR page within the Services section for more information on this exciting development and contact us for pricing and to book our MakutaLiDAR service.

Please note that this service comes on a first-come-first-served basis so please block adequate time for location travel and environment scanning to be effectively completed.

We are also planning a large headway into additional 3D scanning technologies. Stay tuned for further announcements.